5 Things You Need To Know About Seeing Tinashe In Concert

DSC03772       Tinashe, one of today’s most talented stars in R&B music took to Princeton University to headline their annual Fall Lawnparties last Sunday! Princeton University students stormed the campus streets for a day of fun in the sun. Throughout the day a line up of entertainers performed in various locations throughout the campus. Princeton puts on a very fun day for their students filled with free food, drinks, and entertainment.


        Hundreds of students packed in around the Quadrangle Club Stage were Tinashe took center stage to perform a impressive one hour set. Taking the stage shortly after 4 PM she began her energetic set with “Ride Of Your Life”, a track off her 2016 mixtape “Nightride”. Tinashe continued her setlist with fan favorite “Party Favors”. Her setlist featured many fantastic tracks from her impressive discography. Her debut album, “Aquarius”, held the bulk of the shows weight as she performed “Cold Sweat”, “Far Side Of The Moon”, & more. She performed some rare live tracks such as “Sunburn” & “Sacrifices” along with standalone singles “Superlove” and “Flame”. As one of the biggest Tinashe fans around I didn’t expect so many people to know all of her music. Students across the audience sang along to nearly every song. One stand out moment to the crowd was “All My Friends” a collaboration with Snakehips and Chance The Rapper. The crowd chanted and screamed the lyrics at the top of their lungs. The audience also went into a frenzy with fan favorites such as “All Hands On Deck” and the epic encore “2 On”. There was not one dull moment throughout the show!


1. Immaculate Performance Delivery! – Students went into a frenzy as Tinashe sang, danced, and delivered immaculate stage presence all in one. She showcased exceptional vocals, top notch dancing, and personable crowd interaction. There’s not too many performers like her. Even after the end of a nonstop one hour set she still looks like she’s eager, hungry, and ready for more!

2. She Has Music For Everybody! – One of my favorite things about both listening to Tinashe and seeing her in concert is her musical diversity. She has something for everybody. You have your mid-tempo vibey R&B tracks which is one of her biggest specialties. These include songs such as “Cold Sweat”, “Sacrifices”, & “C’est La Vie”. She has the upbeat urban bangers such as “2 On”, “All Hands On Deck”, & “Ride Of Your Life”. Heartfelt and beautiful ballads such as “Bated Breath”. To top it all off Tinashe also has been experimenting with pop music including the infectious tunes “Flame” & “Superlove”. All of these songs are performed during her shows which makes for a great mixture of live music.

3. She’s One Of Us! – She makes sure the audience feels connected to her and her craft. Throughout the show she made it a point to speak to the crowd and interact with them on a personable level. This isn’t just a Princeton University thing. She does this everywhere! She talks about the songs she’s performing and how the audience can connect to them. To make things fun Tinashe grabbed a Princeton themed hat and wore it for a moment during the show, grabbed a fan’s cell phone and recorded a snapchat with the crowd, and even jumped down into the crowd to touch hands, give hugs, and take a few selfies. What’s better than an artist who loves their fans?

4. No Dull Moments! – If you know anything about Tinashe, you would know she’s a top notch dancer as mentioned earlier. Tinashe is one of the few performers who crafts their show perfectly. She makes it a point to create alternative live renditions of her songs and deliver epic dance breaks. These moments of the show are clear standouts and remind you of those epic dance breaks from Janet and Britney back in the day on the VMAs. If you see Tinashe in concert, you won’t take your eyes off of her. She’s a hypnotizing performer. Regardless if she’s singing ballads or dancing to her urban bangers she has your full undivided attention.

5. You’ll Love Her Even More! – If you loved Tinashe before the show, you will love her even more now. She showcases a special charisma as a performer and musician that many lack. Many sleep on both her music and her performances, but if you’re one of the many who adore her prepare yourself to be a lifetime fan after you leave the liveshow. Tinashe is the type of artist that you see and it was so good that you have to go see her again! (Pst, I’m at #11 btw.) If you get the moment to see her don’t pass it up. Got a friend, family member, or coworker who doesn’t even know who she is? Take them along! You’ll be in for a great night of escape, music, and top notch performing making it worth every penny!


Tinashe is expected to release her second studio album “Joyride” soon and continue with her live show with a tour in 2018. Stay tuned for what’s next from this truly incredible and gifted artist!

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