REVIEW ROUND-UP: Kehlani brings phenomenal, epic “SweetSexySavage Tour” to Norfolk


Hello, June! Nothing says “Welcome Summer!” like a sold out performance from one of R&B’s hottest star a few miles from Virginia Beach. Kehlani is one of 2017’s most buzzed about artists and she continues to prove why with authority. Through infectious music, incredible performances, and inspirational words she has created a fanbase that is extremely dedicated and devoted. Her Tsunami Mob came locked and loaded to Norfolk’s Vorva for a night of breathtaking vocals, epic dancing, and immaculate stage presence. The singer-songwriter had no dull moments with a 75 minute spectacle covering all corners of her many talents.  To anyone who is unfamiliar with the amazing Kehlani, below is a little background information on her.


The Oakland born singer, songwriter, and dancer to name a few of her talents rose to fame beginning as the lead vocalist in a group called PopLyfe. The band finished out in fourth place on America’s Got Talent. Kehlani’s upbringing shaped her into the encouraging and inspiring artist she is today. After leaving the group, she began working on solo projects which led to the release of her first mixtape, “Cloud 19”. The mixtape received excellent feedback from both critics and newly made fans. A year later the momentum continued with “You Should Be Here”, the sophomore mixtape from Kehlani. The project went onto receive a 2016 Grammy Award Nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Her highly anticipated debut album, “SweetSexySavage” was released on January 27th, 2017. Kicking off 2017 with a very successful album is just one of the amazing things Kehlani began the year with. She received two well deserved BET Award Nominations and is currently on a 91-date sold out world tour reaching Europe, North America, Australia, and more. Surrounded by love and joy, Kehlani is just getting started, and she continues to remind us as to why her career will be everlasting in longevity and success.


After the soulful Jahkoy, incredible Ella Mai, and everybody’s favorite DJ, Noodz it was the moment we were all waiting for. Kehlani graced the stage in her full glory. You could feel the high energy in the room as the star began the show with “Keep On”. Every fan in the audience sang along loud and proud with both hands touching the sky. Kehlani and her two dancers continued the track through it’s entirety for a epic opening number. Fan favorite “Distraction” followed – the groovy, fun track is one we can’t get enough of. It’s even better live. Kehlani continued with “Do U Dirty” beginning with a chilling acapella intro and followed with her timeless track “The Way”. There wasn’t a single frown in the room. Happiness spread. The crowds high energy infused Kehlani, her two piece band, and epic backup dancers with love for a show to be remembered. The show continued with “Too Much” and the high energy “Get Like”.


Kehlani continued the show by performing “Gangsta” from the Suicide Squad soundtrack. The song is even more epic live. Spooky yet sexy, chilling, and climactic. Followed was the upbeat “I Wanna Be”. The choreography was fresh and filling during this track. The band’s live arrangements for this track were also absolutely epic. The show continued with the suggestive “Everything Is Yours”. The sold out crowd thoroughly enjoyed every second of the show through “Not Used To It” followed by the singalong “Advice”. Fan favorites “Piece Of Mind” and “Escape” which showcased Kehlani’s gorgeous vocals followed.


Time to speed things up! Kehlani continued with a special message of love towards the LGBT community before going into the infectious jam “Undercover”. Kehlani wasn’t the only one dancing. 1,500 fans kept up with her from start to finish. “In My Feelings” continued followed by the anthem “Personal”. Kehlani then began the hit single “CRZY” which made for a epic closer. Through a series of amazing vocals, impressive dancing, immaculate stage presence, high energy, lots of love, and sincere words the show came to an end.


Kehlani spoke very frequently throughout the show asking for the audiences full attention. Through speaking to the crowd it felt like we were all getting to know her one on one. She made the audience feel not just like members of the Tsunami Mob, but also friends and family. It was a special feeling for all. It felt like one of the most accepting places on earth. The color of your skin, your sexuality, and your religion weren’t up for debate. It was a place of love, heart, and no judgement. Kehlani made everyone feel self confident, hopeful, and brave. The venue doors were locked and hate couldn’t squeeze in through any crack. Through the show she made points about being true to yourself, being empathetic, accepting, self care, and having a loving heart. The love was in the air. If you attend Kehlani’s live show you will leave feeling better about loving yourself and loving others.


Kehlani’s phenomenal and epic show was easily one of the greatest shows TheConcertGator’s been to in awhile. Kehlani blew us all away in a club venue, imagine what she will do one day in a arena?! With a catalog of infectious music, amazing live vocals, top notch dancing, and sincerity the “SweetSexySavage Tour” will never be forgotten. Every detail of the show was precise and well done. Based on the show’s greatness Kehlani is hands down a perfectionist. It’s rare when you go to a Pop and/or R&B concert that doesn’t have flaws or kinks to work out. This one was flaw free. Kehlani is super passionate about her live show and her impressive work ethic doesn’t go unnoticed. She’s coming to a city near you and you’re not going to want to miss this tour! It might be sold out, but if you can manage to get tickets make sure you do! You won’t regret it. Her successful career is just getting started and there is still much more to come. We can only wish Kehlani more well deserved success and that she continues to prosper in everything she does. Cheers to a fantastic show! Kehlani is clearly a tsunami, a force to be reckoned with!

Check out Kehlani’s debut album, “SweetSexySavage HERE! Available anywhere you can purchase and stream music.

For a complete list of dates to find out where you can see Kehlani live in 2017 click HERE!

@Kehlani on Instagram.

(Stay Tuned for Artist Spotlight features on opening acts Ella Mai and Jahkoy!)



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